Why hiring a midwife?

Have you heard about the work and dedication a midwife has to her clients?

A midwife is a trained professional with a license, who basically lives 24/7/365 in service to her clients. She received a long education and with every client she engages more into the birth world. During pregnancy she is your friend, your counselor, your advocate and your care provider to assess yours and your baby’s growth, health conditions. She takes time to talk and listen to you in a warm and kind environment.  Her approach to pregnancy is a very hands off one, where pregnancy and childbirth are seen as a physiological process full of inner strength, which mostly works undisturbed and on its own.

A midwife plans your birth with you (birth team, birth place, special wishes or needs), attends you through birth and stays with you hours into early parenthood to attend you and your baby. She is dedicated to the natural loving way of helping you through these joyful and strong months and is committed to give her best whenever you need her.

A midwife’s scope is to be your primary care provider, your coach, your doula, your voice and for low risk and small interventions your care provider for your baby. The newborn assessment is done by her, birth certificate filed.

She checks on you, and if she detects any risks out of her skills, she provides you with good transfer options to more specialized care providers. But always being available for you to be a partner on your journey into parenthood.

You have of support during pregnancy, birth and early parenthood in one person.

A midwife can help you put your well-being at the forefront, as well as increase your chances of having a more personal, natural birth experience.

A midwife always lets you be the protagonist at your own birth, decide for yourself and baby and works as much as the situation allows it intervention free.

Paying a midwife is worth every penny. In your own home or birth center you can receive so much care, so much love and feel supported on every level.

Midwifery is a calling, we live it, breathe it and keep our hearts open for all future clients to support them and welcome their baby.