midwife, mother, wife, adventurer, life lover, laughs often

born in Germany 1976
certified midwife since 1998
3 children ( Marlon, Nemo, Jade) born at home
speaks German, English, Spanish

Hello, my name is Aneke Roach

I was born and raised in Germany.

I started connecting to birth at the age of 8 after seeing my first birth of a little calf on a friend’s farm. This event planted the seed for my fascination for birth.

After graduating high school, I studied midwifery and became a licensed midwife in 1998, working in this profession ever since.

Life brought me to Mexico in 2000 and I had the honor to learn from amazing Mexican traditional midwives local herbal use, the Mayan belly massage and rebozo use for 20 years. 

I have attended over 1000 births in different locations (home, birth center, hospital) and parts of the world (Germany, Mexico, USA).

A lot of my clients found me over my online presence or were sent by their friends to Mexico to birth with me in the Riviera Maya of the Peninsula Yucatan. They came from far away (Russia, Ukraine, Italy, US, Central Mexico, Israel, Cuba, France, Germany, and more) to have their empowering birth experience through my guidance.

I see the process of becoming parents as a natural, physiological one, full of joy and beauty. Our bodies know how to grow a baby and to bring them earth side. Little or no intervention is needed to have a natural undisturbed birth (for low-risk pregnancies).

My focus is to empower you during your journey into parenthood, to give you evidence-based care and advice, to prepare you for a life with a baby reconnecting to your instincts and natural way of living.

Well-informed future parents with loving guidance through pregnancy can experience the highest beauty of birth and postpartum time.

 Birthing is such an important event in starting parenthood, expecting parents deserve to live the best possible: a humanized birth in a gentle environment surrounded by caring and respectful people.

I worked with many pregnant women to change fear into inner strength, unknown into informed, doubtful into confident.

Post-partum time is a sacred period for the beginning of life with your baby. It must be supported and requires being prepared for already through pregnancy.

If I’m not at a birth, I’m probably enjoying time by cooking Mexican food, gardening or being in nature with my family and friends.

Facts about me:

    • Licensed Midwife in Germany since 1998
    • Recognized midwife in Quintana Roo, Mexico since 2001
    • Licensed midwife in Washington State since May 2022
    • Doula and Monitrice services in Greater Seattle Area
    • CBE classes in person taught at Mama Bear Midwife Care Sanctuary
    • Post-partum, lactation support
    • Online coaching and consultations since 2007
    • Belly massage
    • Placenta encapsulation service
    • Traveling midwife
    • I speak fluent English, Spanish & German
    • Happy mother of three teenagers
    • Current studying a Bachelor degree in psychology
    • third generation midwife in my family (grandmother mother’s side, her daughter and me, her granddaugther Aneke)

Appointments and     classes

As a midwife I am here to care for you, show you the beauty of becoming parents and give you the safety of growing into this big joyful new chapter of your life. 

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I am happy to speak more about myself, my life, my passion, work and experiences.

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