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Mama Bear Midwife Care

Your Mama Bear Midwife Aneke

I am looking forward to meeting you &

being a supportive mind & heart

throughout your journey into parenthood.

I support you on your path into parenthood

So many things to think about, so little time till the arrival of your child.

I teach you, prepare you and be with you throughout those months.

You have our support.

Mama Bear is committed to providing low intervention and out of hospital care to families in Seattle and surroundings. We can be your partner as monitrice or doula at a hosptial setting.

24/7 call policy

We are commited to serving you 24/7 when laboring and birthing your baby. In early parenthood we establish extended office hours to serve you best.

Mama Bear Sanctuary House Rules

Mama bear is a safe and protected ground for everyone, a diverse and inclusive space.

We love all of us people, never focusing on color/ religion/ ethnicity/ national origin/ sexual orientation/ identity or gender, age or education. 

We support differences and invite you to come and meet us in person for a chat or event.

Let’s have fun together, feel free and have open hearts to learn from each other.