Birthing your baby reconnects you to your inner power and wisdom.

Do not fear it, embrace it.

Birthing is beautiful.

With all our heart driven efforts in bringing different educational classes, midwife care, events, and lots of fun activities to you, we hope to encourage you to become a new happy version of yourself on this path into parenthood.   

We help you to be thriving parents by being here with you as a 24/7 available professional support based on more than 2 decades of experience in helping future and newborn parents every step of the way. 

Aneke, an active working midwife since 1998 (certified in August 1998 in Jena, Germany) witnessed during her personalized way of working with pregnant people that changing fear into strength, doubting into conscious decision-making, and helping to reconnect to inner wisdom and instincts are important transformations throughout this beautiful and challenging journey.

Welcome to Mama Bear Midwife Care, YOUR sanctuary for holistic care, education and support during pregnancy, birth & early parenthood (first 6 months).

The idea for this sanctuary was conceived from Aneke’s seeing and feeling the difficulties that many pregnant people experience in their process of searching for loving care, exploring medical assistance alternatives, discovering a place to grow into parenthood, and enjoying this new chapter of their lives deeply. 

By trying to bring midwife’s scope of care next to as many as possible courses, classes, fun events, and informative occasions under one roof, Mama bear became a structure and opened its doors in December 2022 (finally).  

Here at Mama bear we focus on making this remarkable time of growth packed with endless colorful changes to your best experience possible. 


Giving knowledge and confidence into this deeply felt growing process gives the ground to seed empowerment, happiness, and patience for you as a soon to be or just new parents. 

We can be honest with you, becoming parents is a fantastic route to take, but it can be full of emotions, negative and positive, and it needs a village to raise children. Therefore, we build a community with and for you by giving the chance of meeting others to become friends. We center our attention on helping each other to never feel alone and desperate.

A parent needs peers to talk, laugh, cry, and hang out together, occupy time with joy with the baby and include some “only parent time” occasionally. 



Midwife care during pregnancy 

Midwife care during birth

Midwife care in post partum /early parenthood

Childbirth education classes

Breastfeeding support

Lactation tea meet-up

Baby massage

Sound healing

Lactation Prep-class

Placenta encapsulation

Birth Tub rental

Belly cast modeling

Fertility/ Comfort Belly massage

Bone Closure/ massage



Our clients say this about Mama Bear Midwife Care:

“I was privileged to choose the way I’ll give birth, and through the whole process all my decisions & preferences were respected, while treated professionally all the way! ” – Zulima (hospital water birth)


 “Aneke gave us all the information for the process before, during and after giving birth. Straight forward and very clear communication. I felt ready afterwards and believed in the power of body and mind. ” – Maaike (home water birth client) 

“Becoming a Dad meant first of all to support my wife. We took birth preparation classes with Aneke.  She has a special GIFT, and she also knows how to transfer confidence, strength and reconnection to our instincts to empower us parents to live this moment like you never could imagine. We had 2 amazing home birth with her in Tulum, Mexico.” – Chris (father)

“Aneke’s holistic and natural way of explaining and seeing birth gave me the understanding and clear view to have a gentle birth. Having my post-partum time planned with support in all ways made it a great transition time for all of us at home.” – Latisha (home water birth)

Mama Bear Midwife Care is committed to:

evidence based holistic care
reducing fear & strengthening your knowledge
60-90min long appointments/ visits
help you thrive as parents
helping you make community
bringing love and light into your world of parenthood
actively listening to you
support you in your birth wishes
empowering you
giving you care provider and setting options
being your advocate
judgment free support
Why I chose the name Mama Bear Midwife Care

The Native Bear Symbol represents strength, family, vitality courage and health. The bear is thoughtful and independent, with little need for fellowship. The bear is also self-contained and strong-willed in nature.

Verb bear means: to accept, tolerate, or endure something, especially something unpleasant:to bear in mind or to keep in mind. 

Phrase. If you tell someone to bear something in mind or to keep something in mind, you are reminding or warning them about something important which they should remember.

What is the synonym of bearabide. submit to, put up with. accept. acknowledge. be big about.

A midwife is like a bear. She stands for protecting vitality, strength, families, knowledge, instinct and protection. She helps you to bear down, birth and nurture a baby. She helps you to bear something in mind for your own or loved one’s well-being. 

Aneke is a Mama Bear for her own cubs (now grown children) and protects her family with all her being. She hugs and laughs often, always a minute to play with a little one and cannot wait to welcome your baby on this planet and you into parenthood.

Even though she doesn’t look like a bear, she has enormous inner strength and fights endless for human and birthing rights. 


Why do I teach child birth classes for couples

Our childbirth education classes are specially made for future parents to learn together and dive deeply into the new chapter of their lives. We feel the importance of informing you about what to expect and have prepared in your hearts and home. We have collected over 24 years many tips and tricks and are happy to share these with you. There will be always more to learn and to research, to look out for, and for sure, during every milestone of your child you will reach out for more information. We help with information for lots around the last trimester, cover many subjects around and of birth, partner support during birth and post partum time,prep for lactation and all you need to know on how to feel safe breastfeeding/ chest feeding, newborn care, nutriion in postpartum, sex after birth, and so much more.

Why every woman should receive a belly massage

A belly massage is a wonderful technique to bring comfort back into your lower abdomen. It helps to reduce pain during menstruation (often very effective for teenagers), to bring abdominal organs back into their correct position. The belly massage supports the baby to be in a centered vertical position, and in postpartum time to reduce intestinal discomfort & stimulate bowel movements. This technique supports the uterus to let go of clots and contract to minimize size.

If you are trying to conceive and would like to try alternative options to support your uterus and fertility, come and get a fertility belly massage. 

Why receiving Midwife Care is so important

Midwife care is as old as humanity. The art of midwifery has grown forever  and is full of wisdom and science. Midwives are well trained, licensed and recognized as birth keepers with great outcomes. They see birth as a physiological process, see the birthing parent as the protagonist of their own birth experience. Midwives guide and support you without imponing techniques or taking over authority. Every birthing parent should have access to midwife care, to be listened, heard and be taken care of in a personalized way. Midwives take time for many visits during pregnancy, birth and post partum time. Midwife care includes well women care, support for breastfeeding/ chest feeding, talking about your wishes and needs in this time of your life. Midwives have a huge repertoire of natural remedies and support for you. They are advocates for you to plan the birth you desire. Their office space looks like a nice living room and you are welcomed in love. The WHO named 2020 the year of the nurses and midwives and tried to reach a goal to make midwife’s care accessible to every woman on earth. Sadly we do not have enough midwives worldwide. But you have access and could get midwife care.

Check out our space and talk to your midwife to feel the difference a midwife makes.

Why you should plan your early parenthood weeks

Right after birth your life changes forever. You are parents now, have to take care of your baby 24/7. Your baby does not bring an instruction manual on how to handle them. You should have everything in your heart and in your home ready to just relax and be able to get to know your newborn, to adapt to all the life changes and to have the time to recover from your birth experience.

Why you should plan and prepare for breastfeeding/ chest feeding

When a baby is born, it takes just a few minutes and they start searching for their milk supply, which is mostly the breast. Babies suction very strong and your nipples should be prepared in advance to be less sensitive or cracked open very soon. A class around breastfeeding/chest feeding makes a huge difference to have a few tools and tricks handy to enjoy feeding from the first latch. You will be surprised how well your baby knows what to do. Once you established this feeding connection, it can last for many many months and make your lives filled with pride and love. A class can prevent many moments of discomfort, tears and misunderstandings. Feel free to contact us for more information.

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Our main goal is supporting you in your wishes and helping you to thrive through this beautiful time of your life in becoming parents.