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Midwife care during pregnancy

Midwife care during pregnancy is a beautiful way of taking care of you as the future parents & your baby.  It is not only about keeping records about vitals, measurrements and growth, talking about whichever procedures and lab work has to be done. It is more about addressing your needs, questions, doubts, growing a relationship between midwife and future families. Next to this, Aneke connects through touch with you and your belly/baby, by offering a comforting belly and lower back massage, bringing warm energy into your tissue and a wellbeing care touch. 

Midwife care during birth

Midwife care during birth can have different designs depending on your birth wishes. It can be planned for a home or birth center birth. Or it can be your midwife supporting you at home first and then going with you to the birth place of your choice to welcome your baby there. During each of those options your midwife guides you through the labor process at home, checking frequently heart tones of your baby, your vitals every 4h, internal checks if wished by you. Her role would be to optimize your well-being and to sustain the positive energy in your labor space, to support your partner in being an active and strong anchor for you and to advocate for you when needed. Your midwife stays with you through the first hours after baby’s birth. She makes sure you and baby get to bond, to start breast-/ chestfeeding, to eat and get up first time after all the work you have done. 

If you wish for a home birth, please address this to us. We are happy to talk to you about all details and start planning welcoming your baby at home with you.

Midwife care in early parenthood/ postpartum

Midwife care in postpartum and early parenthood is very rewarding and needed. You get continous care from your midwife, in the way that she looks after your physical and emotional wellbeing/ recovery after all the great work you have done to bring a new little baby into this world. She checks the baby’s vitals and general wellbeing, answers all your questions around being a new parent, a partner to a new parent, any doubts can be addressed. She gives you a gentle belly massage, shows you how to wrap/ bind your belly and gives you breastfeeding support. She knows different care providers for many issues and supports you in getting more help if needed.

Your midwife comes at least 5 times to your home to follow up with you to establish breastfeeding, a positive recovery process and a good adaptation to being a parent with hormonal changes and all what comes with it.

Please ask about our package deals and our Postpartum prep course.

Placenta encapsulation

IPPA trained, we offer placenta encapsulation for a smooth recovery process and adaptation time for you as the birthing parent. We receive your placenta after birth and prepare your capsules within 48 hours. We bring them to your doorstep. If you like we can take some placenta prints and pictures too.

Breastfeeding support

Breast-/ chest feeding is a very well working technique to give the best nutrition and close skin to skin contact to your baby.  This bond between feeding parent and baby is beautiful and deserves some dedication to establish it well to last for a long time.

We offer support by visiting you at your home, observing you and baby during feeding, giving a supporting hand and thoughts. We have many tricks and tools to facilitate and ease any difficulties. Breast-/ chest feeding should not hurt, be complicated or a burden for you.

It is so exciting and amazing, that our bodies can not only grow a baby inside, we can also feed them the next many months outside of our body with our own milk supply. 

You have the option to come to a breastfeeding prep class in advance to be ready when baby latches for the first time.

Bone closure massage

Bone closure Ceremony has been used all over the world to give support to a new parents’ healing process by closing cycles, energetic fields and returning heat back to the body.

A full body massage is given, then after heat got into the body with support of a rebozo (Mexican shawl) bones and  articulation are tightened. It is an amazing feeling, when the rebozo is pulled and strength strats flowing back through the whole body.  Specially in hips and head the closing of the bones helps to release unresolved emotions and blockages of energy channels.

The energetic closing of the bones done with the Rebozo helps to calm the mind, align ideas and energies and to feel prepared to continue in this new reality.

Aneke learned this technique from her Mayan colleagues during her life for 20 years on the Peninsular Yucatan, the RIVIERA MAYA, in Mexico. Since she birthed her first son and received the bone closure ceremony 21 yeas ago, she feels strongly about this ceremony to heal and strengthen the body.

Birth tub rental

Mama Bear offers birth tub rental to you.Birth Pool in a Box is our choice for optimal comfort, easy built up and filling. It is an affordable rental option, including new liner, fish net, pump and new hose for filling the pool. You should provide 2 clean buckets, a cover for your floor and extra towels.

Birth Pool in a Box is the most popular choice for women seeking the safest, most comfortable birth pool that is recommended by midwives.

Birth Pool in a Box is a personal use birth pool that comes with one disposable single use liner. The pool is made from eco-friendly material (0.38mm eco PVC Cadmium, Lead and Latex free) and meets EU regulations on maximum levels of phthalates.

The pool has 2 sets of top handles perfectly positioned to help you control your movement in labor. Birth Pool in a Box is designed without internal handles to avoid obstructing full movement. The pool also has an integrated cupholder (cup not included) which helps with hydration during labor.

Belly cast modelling

Come and enjoy making a belly cast to remember your belly shape in the most amazing way ever, carrying your child. We take a few hours to get together and make a personalized belly cast out of plaster with you future parents.  

Fertility/ Comfort Belly Massage

Abdominal massage, which may sometimes be referred to as a belly massage, is a gentle, noninvasive massage which has relaxing and healing effects for most people.

It’s used to treat a wide variety of health concerns, especially those related to the stomach, such as digestion issues, constipation and bloating, menstrual pain or discomfort during intercourse.

The sobada/ abdominal massage is a ancient technique used in many different cultures adn places of the world for young and adults. It is recommended to receive a belly massage before and during pregnancy to maintain wellbeing. After giving birth an abdominal massage supports a quick and healthy recovery of the uterus and establishes the right position of the inner organs. 

We welcome you to try the massage and get the benefits of this ancient wisdom filled technique.

MIdwife care

All care in one package…


Check-ups and preparation during pregnancy

During birth

Home Birth attendance by our midwives team

Attendance as monitorice in the birth place of your choice


Consecutive care for you and your baby at your home to assure a positive start into parenthood, including belly massage and bone closure.

Mama Bear House Rules

Mama bear is a safe and protected ground for everyone, a diverse and inclusive space.

We love all of us people, never focusing on color/ religion/ ethnicity/ national origin/ sexual orientation/ identity or gender, age or education. 

We support differences and invite you to come and meet us in person for a chat or event.

Let’s have fun together, feel free and have open hearts to learn from each other. 

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