As future parents you go through a lot of physiological changes, have time consuming appointments with midwife and care facilities, while still having a full workday and a household to run. 

Time flies and many questions come up which need answers. 

In my CBE weekend course you get to take 2 full days off from your routine life and dive into the magic and wonders regarding becoming parents. I will host the course in my home and will provide healthy food, snacks and beverages for you. Best time to take the course is beginning and during the 3. Trimester (from 28 weeks on).

You receive MANY answers to your questions. 

I have been in the birth world since 1995, learned from a good number of midwives in different countries and an enormous number of parents about their needs. 

I gained throughout these nearly 3 decades lots of tricks and tips to hand out to you in just a few hours. I filtered the most important information for you.

Quick note: my grandmother was a midwife, her first born daughter was a midwife, so you get information from 3 midwife-generations out of the same family.

My course is divided in two 8-hour learning days: 

First daySecond day
is all about your feelings throughout pregnancy, your wishes and needs in a sacred place full of support and love. I talk and inform about the last trimester and labor start, physiological birth process, birth in different settings with different care providers, partner role in birth, vaginal and abdominal birth, pain relief and ways to cope with labor for hours. You will get a bunch of recommendations to prepare physically and mentally for your 1. Chapter into parenthood. I help empowering you to feel safe and have the trust in your body, baby, birth. Is a day to process the information of day 1 and explain more about birth, only a few complications, immediate postpartum and postpartum care to provide a great understanding about this period, when your life as parents with a baby earthside starts. I support you with newborn care information, nutrition during birth/ postpartum/ breastfeeding period.We talk about sex after giving birth, the baby blues, breast milk production, lochia (bleeding after birth), anticonception methods. We take away myths of different birth cultures, and enjoy lots of time together laughing, learning, nourishing body and soul.  

Mama Bear Aneke’s CBE Course’s goal is to promote, support, and protect normal birth, build your confidence in your ability to birth your baby, and to provide the knowledge and skills you both need to give birth naturally with trusting your own strength and inner power. Future parents have the rights to know that there is an optimal way to give birth.

To maintain a loving and caring environment during the course I keep the groups small, in the intimacy of my home, where you can get comfortable and relaxed. 

My gifts for you:

  • Facilitate natural birth thoughts 
  • Tools to cope with labor work 
  • Understand physiological birth process
  • Reconnect to and follow your instincts
  • Stay connected to your inner wisdom
  • Be confident in the birth process and your body’s capabilities
  • Understand the value of natural childbirth
  • Be a supportive partner, a strong anchor to hang on, full of encouraging words and gestures
  • Grow into a breastfeeding mother
  • Learn about early parenting and taking care of your baby 
  • Have faith and confidence in yourself, the birth process and your baby
  • Write your birth plan, communicate your birth wishes

My role as a midwife, an educator, a mother is to be your facilitator, empower with trust and easy to understand evidence-based information, sustain you in your process, take your fear and transform it into strength, show you skills to be an advocate for your birth choices. 

By knowing more about birth and a newborn you will make the right decisions for yourself and your baby, you can trust your wisdom and knowledge and increase your autonomy. 

Benefits of taking Aneke’s Mama Bear CBE course:

  • prepared with evidenced base information 
  • learn and decide your birth preferences
  • more unmedicalized birth process
  • use of alternative approaches to pain relief 
  • higher rate of vaginal birth outcomes
  • better communication between midwife and future parents
  • higher likelihood of breastfeeding
  • get a head start on postpartum and newborn care
  • happier and more confident parents and babies
  • less fears and tears

I am looking forward to welcoming you future parents in my home and sharing time with you by talking birth and much more. 

Let’s learn and laugh together in an intimate space.

Hugs and blessings to you all,

Aneke, your Mama Bear midwife by your side ❤️